In the church of today "ministry" is no longer the sole preserve of the clergy (if it ever was). Nor is it limited to "recognised ministers" such as lay readers or pastoral workers. The church is a body where each member plays a part, the practical work mentioned above being included in this. One of the most vital parts of the church's ministry is the nurture and instruction of the young, and this is shared by many across the different groups, with roles varying between teaching and planning, and supporting and helping.

We value having a team of people ready to read lessons in church, and to lead intercessions, and training may be provided for any interested to help in this way. There is always scope for more people to help with visiting or the development of outreach opportunities. And we should not forget that our attendance and participation in worship and fellowship groups is itself an encouragement and service to others.

For those who sense a call to be training for a recognised ministry, the diocese provides many opportunities which may be explored here.

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