Music is so important to our worship, on musical instruments or with our voices. At St. Peter's there is a wonderful pipe-organ but no-one to play it, and a small but committed choir. If you would like to get involved and play please give the vicar a call.

At All Saints', Maggie Shaw is our choir leader and plays keyboard, Frank Woodward plays the organ and there is an active choir. Once a month we have our informal worship service at which guitars, drums and other instruments take part - so if you can play and would like to get involved give us a call.

You don't have to be a wonderful musician or singer to take part - it's more important that you want to enable our worship of God and enjoy fellowship together as musicians and singers.

For more information please call Maggie on 669774.


Our magazine is produced monthly and is edited by Sarah Gale (586965 and We are always looking out for contributions, stories and news articles - so please send them in. Plus, we need more photos of our town and Church life, so please keep a camera with you and send in your snaps.

Pastoral Visits

If you know of someone in hospital who may wish to be visited, or you wish to be visited yourself for whatever reason, then do get in touch. A number of people are visited monthly for holy communion at home.


The church is financed through the regular giving of its members. Giving is a part of our worship and an expression of our gratitude to God for his grace to us. Planned giving is encouraged, using boxes of prepared envelopes or standing order, and recovering tax through gift aid where possible.

Practical Jobs

There are many people (and always room for more) who give their time for all the practical jobs in the life of the churches, such as minor building repairs, flowers, cleaning, tea & coffee rota, social events, newsletter distribution, music, finances and administration.

Once a month we have a regular 'work-in', when we come together to make repairs, tidy up and do some cleaning.
The All Saints work-in is normally on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9.30 to 11.00am.
The St. Peters work-in is normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 2.00 to 3.30pm.
All are welcome, just come along and lend a hand.

Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is the parish church's register of electors, who are qualified to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting at which elections take place for the Parochial Church Council and for the parish's representatives on the deanery synod.

You are eligible to be entered on the roll at any time if you are baptised, aged 16 or over, a member of the Church of England (or a church in communion with the Church of England) and either you are resident in the parish or you have habitually attended worship at the parish church during the six months prior to enrolment.


In the church of today "ministry" is no longer the sole preserve of the clergy (if it ever was). Nor is it limited to "recognised ministers" such as lay readers or pastoral workers. The church is a body where each member plays a part, the practical work mentioned above being included in this. One of the most vital parts of the church's ministry is the nurture and instruction of the young, and this is shared by many across the different groups, with roles varying between teaching and planning, and supporting and helping.

We value having a team of people ready to read lessons in church, and to lead intercessions, and training may be provided for any interested to help in this way. There is always scope for more people to help with visiting or the development of outreach opportunities. And we should not forget that our attendance and participation in worship and fellowship groups is itself an encouragement and service to others.

For those who sense a call to be training for a recognised ministry, the diocese provides many opportunities which may be explored here.

Mother's Union

The Mothers' Union (MU) is a Christian organisation with more than 3.6 million members worldwide. The backbone of the MU is its worldwide network of volunteers. Whatever their individual backgrounds, members are related by a commitment to marriage and family. They give their time to generously help others, whether by running local projects, supporting international campaigns, or fundraising.